Project Description

NJ Climate Adaptation Alliance

Print design & layout / Rutgers University

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The New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance is a network of public- and private-sector leaders dedicated to preparing New Jersey for climate change. Organized in 2011 under the auspices of Rutgers University, the NJCAA has launched a wide range of initiatives to identify research needs, undertake demonstration projects, and educate decision makers and the general public about climate change preparedness. One of the organization’s key accomplishments is the completion of an extensive public outreach process culminating in the publication of policy recommendations.

And that’s where we came in …

In addition to helping the NJCAA with its overall communications strategy, our task was to handle design and layout of the two-part policy report. More to the point, it was our job to help readers — especially readers who might be unfamiliar with the technical aspects of the content — understand the key points regardless of their level of expertise.

A clean, clear layout was essential. Numerous sidebars, call-outs, summaries, and crisp, easy-to-understand charts give readers multiple points of entry into the text, while prominent eye-catching images illustrate the reality of research results and policy recommendations.