Brafton’s infographic about Google’s new Penguin algorithm caught our eye. Don’t let the cute ninja penguins distract you from the main point: If you’re serious about SEO, link-building gimmicks just don’t cut it anymore. It’s time to focus on content.

Among Brafton’s recommendations:

  • Add high-quality, relevant content to your site – to which we add: often.
  • In particular, build out content on the homepage.
  • Enhance your social media presence

Technical know-how is still essential – organic backlinks from high-value sites and effective keyword use, for example – but it’s no longer sufficient. Without frequent postings of useful, relevant, engaging content on your website as well as on social media, your Google ranking will slip down the ladder. In a word, content is king – or at least prince – and that should be good news for anyone who wants to see accurate, relevant search engine results.

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Infographic: Brafton